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Default Re: plus size models

Originally Posted by mandmscreations View Post
HAHA! I was going to say what Dana said! lol
Originally Posted by SarahMerritt_22 View Post
I might be interested... what are you looking for to be modeled? ...just a fyi my hair is down past my butt...
Thank you Sarah.. You are very pretty ...I make all type of fabric accessories.. Hair fabric flowers, rolled rosette necklaces, earrings, brooches, and bracelets..

Originally Posted by asirual View Post
Can I just say that I love this

Like you said, all I ever see are these skinny models.. Being a plus size woman, I would much rather buy a product that a bigger girl has modeled.

When ever I see those stick thin models wearing something I am considering buying, I think "Will I look as good in it as she does?". I almost always say nah and put it back.
isn't that the I'm the same way.. and selling online I think it's even harder for a plus size girl to see themselves wearing something that a skinny girl is wearing.

Originally Posted by missdana1105 View Post
Ha thats the story of my life too! I decided to finally stop dieting and I've maintained for about a year but I really need to loose weight for health reasons. Too many issues for how young I am. I am just trying to find a balance between dieting and living a normal life. The whole healthy life style idea.

Anyways what do you make?
I know what you mean.. I got ya..

I have to lose quite a few pounds to feel better but I'll never be what the chart says I should be.. I never was 125 lbs and never I just don't want my joints to ache all the time I know I need to do something about it but I need to be ready and that's why I'm working on loving and accepting myself just the way I am before I get on another diet hating the way I look.. kwim? oh and I make all types of fabric accessories..

Originally Posted by beyedsweetie View Post
Maybe you should ask some plus sized ladies to model your items.
Not that models are bad or anything but there are tons of gorgeous ladies who are models.

I am plus sized myself. Just saying
thank you.. I'll be doing that..

Originally Posted by nikkigriffis View Post
plus sized here too! My whole family is small so it's kinda strange??
I'm surrounded by mostly skinny females in my family so I'm kinda like the oddball when we get

Originally Posted by kimmisook View Post
this is a great thread! it's good to know that we all go through the gaining/losing/dieting/fine with who we are/dieting again thing!!

Dana - you look gorgeous in your profile pic!!
yes it is isn't it..
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