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Default Re: Help with this one please

I was just reading this and was thinking, anytime I buy ribbon for a custom bow, or ribbon for my daughters bows I'm like geee, I'm putting the price of that bow back into supplies! But i always have that extra ribbon options added to my collection in the end which is good! Making your own bows can be cheaper, but it might take some time to see that, when you first start out its going to cost you more than 6.00 for ribbons, scissors, lighter, glue gun, glue, clips there's a lot of supplies that go into it, and you will probably need a lot of practice, folding bows (certain folds *cough* twisted boutique *cough cough*, lol) can be TOUGH to perfect, but once you've got it, you've got it btw welcome to the forum there's lots of helpful tips and lots of helpful ladies here, I know when I'm trying to get something right and can't quite figure it out, there's always someone here to save the day and give me a helpful tip that I never would have thought of
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