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Default Re: Homecoming Mums?

Originally Posted by Priscilla's Boutique View Post
I loved my mums and yes they were big ...i remember my senior one covered all of the front of me from the neck was white and gold...had lights on it and played music and i know it cost my now husband over $100 and that was 20 years ago....oh my god i can't believe how time flies!!!!
Mine had lights on it too and had all kinds of bells and whistles on it.

I only ever had one.. My freshman year I didn't wear one because I had just moved to TX from AL the summer before and I had no idea what mums even were. My Sophomore year was the year that I wore the huge, gorgeous mum that my mom made. I was homeschooled my junior and senior year, so i never got to wear/make another

I wish I still had my mum. It was hanging up in my closet on a hanger and I was looking into getting it framed, and then we had our house fire and I lost it..

I wish I had more pictures of it.. I didn't really take pictures of it because I thought I would have the actual mum forever
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