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Ha! Yeah I hear alot about that lately! It is outrageous that this is happening. Just take 300 shots if you have to! One is bound to be good! Or pay to have a little editing done. I know not everyone can afford to have their product modeled but they can probably afford the editing! On a side note my mom does photography with people and she has had people say out loud they are ordering just 1 4x6 of each so they can just reprint them! UGH NO! She orders linen finish and has water mark so they can't. Yikes!

My original post sounded kinda like I condoned stealing if the person couldn't afford a product to be modeled. Did not mean that! I meant it was easier for them to afford 5 dollars for an edit than choose to have an expensive product modeled like a tutu dress or expensive purse or shoes! Sorry, I need to learn to proof read!!!

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