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Default Re: Help with this one please

Originally Posted by Ste1977 View Post
I wish people who think they can make all these bows for cheap would consider the cost that goes into it. By the time you buy all your supplies it really isn't cheaper to make the bow than it is to buy the bow. If you buy your ribbon at joannes and want 3 different ribbons in your bow that's anywhere from $6-$12 right there. Then add in the clips, glue, and centers. It really isn't cheaper to do it yourself for 1-2 bows.
I thought I would save a lot of money making DD bows and over time I will, but initially you put a lot of money into getting supplies. Destashes and grab bags on here have saved me a TON. When you start buying a roll of ribbon just for a piece to make one bow, it adds up quickly. Not counting the fact it takes A LOT of practice to make even some if the simpler looking bows. Time is also money. I think after she is on here a while she will understand better what everyone is talking about.