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Default Re: Help with this one please

Originally Posted by Brandir View Post
I know that tone of voice is not able to be expressed over the internet, but this seems kind of rude. I thought that with the watermark on it starting the makers name that it would be ok to post. As for the price, that is a lot for a bow when I am a sahm and I do not being in any money and have two girls. We make our house payment and pay the bills, and there really is no extra to spend on bows. So for me, $6 is a lot for a bow that I could make myself.
when you start making bows then you will understand why i say that 6.00 is not a lot for a HANDMADE bow, I am also a stay at home mom so i know what it is like to be tight but i have never tried to make anyone feel bad about it.....

and that wasn't rude that was honest
* I am a ribbon sculptor, that is what I do and how I help my family! Everything I make is freehanded. James Avery made their sculpted ribbon ring just for me !*

*I will not tell you your UGLY bow is PRETTY but I will try to help you make it better..............wish someone would of told me my first bows were ugly. I do this out of love not wickedness *

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