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Default Re: Homecoming Mums?

First need all the special acetate ribbon for this. If you have a license you can buy wholesale from ACI (instructions on their site for mums). Adding all the ornaments to the mums will add up. Made these for a few years and not much money into making these. IF you decide to make these....make sure you add zebra (school colors). Add sparkling pink to mums....little girls love this color in their mums. If the school colors are black/white....add a strand of pink or purple of whatever to the mum. You can ask the mom what their favorite color is. Just dont invest a lot of money into doing this unless you know this is something you will be doing year after year. If you dont want to use acetate can use grosgrain ribbon. No right or wrong way in doing these. Prices just depends on how many people are doing them in your area.
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