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Default Re: A few (hopefully) simple questions about this bow..

Originally Posted by snazzy teez View Post
I also have recently started using a scrapbooking adhesive says permanent, but on ribbons, it seems to give me a good hold but its very thin and FLEXIBLE when layering ribbons. HTH
Is that the Xyron? ...or another type?
ha ha.. sorry I'm still learning all of this.

I like how someone said before that she does the adhesive in between where she has to sew. I don't think you can do that with the Xyron.. since you run it through the machine. It did get me thinking that possibly, a thinner strip of double adhesive could be in the middle, still holding the ribbons together, but give the illusion of the ribbons not being stuck together.
Hmmm.. it's worth a shot. I can't imagine it not working, and I can't imagine it hasn't been done.
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