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Default Re: Seriously?! Another photo stealer :(

I usually really like Jennifer Jackson, and I still do. But I think she is wrong about this. You have to look at it on Boutique Protection/facebook. I do think there is a wrong way and a right way to confront. some people may go over the top about it. But I think if we don't stand up to it, it's going to continue to happen. If it is truly suppliers distributing this pics to drop shippers then lets weed them out. I won't say who because I don't want to embarass them again. But there was someone on here recently, that happened to on a group buy. I thought she handeled it very classy! It spoke volumes to her character.

That is not the norm though, 9times out 10. It's someone coming out guns a blazing. I didn't know whats the big deal, me and my sad poor life just wanted to make a little money. Feel sorry for me. UMMM No!
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