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Default Re: Didn't want to ask on your FB page...

I was just talking with my friend about this and explaining it to her, and this is all I can come up with;

I am in NO WAY defending picture stealers. I absolutely hate it just as much as the rest, but I am having to assume it is the economy. Everyone and their mom is all of a sudden deciding they want to sell bows. I think this idea that you can make a quick buck is getting really big with everyone out of work, needing extra income etc. SO, I can only assume that people are stealing pictures because they dont have the money/time/ability/ etc. etc. etc and think it is a cheap way to start out??? Then IF they make the sale they will then order the materials etc???

COMPLETELY unacceptable, but this is all I can think of for why it is happening a LOT lately???

I am in NO way defending!!! Just trying to rationalize why it is happening so much lately.
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