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Default Re: Seriously?! Another photo stealer :(

Originally Posted by GingerandHoney View Post
Oh, she changed her tune really quick once I sent her this:

Diana, please! I reported you to facebook and posted the links to the original without my watermark cropped out. I even have the unedited photos. You can even see where part of my logo is still showing. I know you are lying about getting them off of google images, but the one blue dress has never shown up in google images. You are a thief. I have taken a screen shot of every single photo on your page. You need to remove them immediately. Adorable boutique will be contacting a lawyer in the morning and so will I. They are the ones who contacted me and told me about you. Thank you, April

19 minutes agoDiana Kinsella
Im just going to take them down, i will be replicating them as i said i didnt know they where also your images. i just got off email with helen and im sorry!
please dont contact a laywer its really not needed! im just a mom trying to make ends meet & get on my feet!
sorry to offend you in any way
Good job!
I think I will unlike her page now.
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