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Default Re: Seriously?! Another photo stealer :(

Originally Posted by mandmscreations View Post
Awesome! I am so glad that someone from HG caught this! The fact that people can get away with this makes me sick.
April, your tutu's are GORGEOUS! Her's are nowhere in comparison!
Thank you! Adorable Boutique is the one that contacted me. Apparently she was stealing their photos, too.
Originally Posted by micmac68 View Post
Wow!! She has some nerve!!! What a thief!! And what happens if someone actually orders one of the items in her stolen pictures???? I'd love to order one and see what she does.....

BTW GingerandHoney - I LOVE your stuff!!! You are SO talented!!
Thanks sooooo much! Regardless, if she can recreate it or what, take your own pictures!
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