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Default Re: Didn't want to ask on your FB page...

Originally Posted by mandmscreations View Post
Ronnie, you cleaned that up nicely at the end! lol. In a way I am happy this doesn't happen to me. Then again I'm a tad disappointed that no one likes my stuff! I also don't have a "business" page either.

I am so tired of people coming over here to check out everyone's stores and SHOP for pictures to steal so they can make their little facebook page pretty with fake work of theirs! It is fraud and theft. If you cant be creative and you cant take pics then go somewhere else!! This is not your line of work to be doing!!

Go to Halo Heaven and copy all of their pics so you can sell their cheap stuff at a higher cost only to have it fall apart on you later or half your products arrived jacked up. GOODNESS!
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