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Default Re: A few (hopefully) simple questions about this bow..

Cut about 24-25" of ribbon. If you have a woodburner then seal the ends.

I dont use any type bond, glue or stitching for my layered bows as I found it easier and less time consuming once I mastered the skill.

Since you are just learning how to layer and dont want that secured look I would do this.

If you have a ribbon iron then great (WM carries them) if not you can use a regular iron at a low setting.

Take your ribbon and layer them together.

Fole your ribbon in half and then press the iron on top the fold to make a crease.

Next, fold it again leaving about 1/2" tail hanging out and press the fold again to leave that second crease.

Now take the tail and fold it over until it is at the same length as that second crease and press the iron on the new (3rd) fold.

Once that is done you can un fold the ribbon and use those creases as a holding point and guide for you to keep the ribbon together.

I have some step by step pics posted in here somewhere in this section of the forums. I think the name of of the thread has something like darn twisted boutique or something along that line. I dont have time right now to search it but I will try to later if you havent found it yet.

Maybe that might help you. The only thing is I did not layer my ribbon in there but you can see the crease as I am putting the bow together.
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