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Default A few (hopefully) simple questions about this bow..

I remember seeing that if the bow is not yours to post a link to ask about it, so I hope this is right.. if not just let me know. I don't want anyone to think I'm taking credit for a picture that is not mine.

Anyway, I have searched for instructions on these particular bows.. and I feel pretty confident, but wanted to ask a few questions.

I have found that using a template works better for layering the two ribbons, for the top bow. Simply because the ribbon doesn't buckle in areas or have misshaped loops. I made my own templates after researching NBNG templates. I like the look of these bows not having tails, and with templates it seems easier to have them. I feel like when I trim the ends off afterwards, it looks cheaply made, and fear that i can't heat seal properly.
I'd like to do the figure 8 on it, but the bow always seems to be more of a boutique than a twisted boutique. Plus, I can't seem to layer two ribbons when doing the figure 8 method.
I have a Xyron, but the ribbons don't always hold together.. plus I like the look of the bows not being stuck together, if that makes sense. I've heard of sewing the ribbons together, but I have no idea how or where to stitch.
I can freehand, but have not mastered the art of freehanding with layers.
If anyone has any tips on the best way to layer.. or how to go tail-free with templates.. I would definitely appreciate it.
I'm sorry if this seems repetitive, because I know I have seen a few questions about this type of layered bow, but I didn't find any threads regarding my specific questions.
Please let me know if my questions make sense.. I'm still learning.
aka - the woman trying to not waste ribbon by trying over and over.. or the woman who has tried it over and over and may start losing hair!
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