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Default Re: Little Diamond Models

Originally Posted by luna8715 View Post
Can someone tell me how this whole booking works? Im sorry to ask but im soooo new at this. I would love to have a professional looking photo on my FB page.


Karen my little one models for them, more or less there is a 2 things you can do either look threw the models and pick ones you like, you can also look at soem of the work they have done then e-mail her that you would like to join your boutique and these XXX & XXXX are the models you would like to book and she will e-mail the models for you and see if they can do the job please make sure you include what you are looking for if you want the pics to be pro, inside or out props that kinda thing. The other way is to e-mail her and tell her what you are looking for and do a casting call where the moms will leave the kids name and age if they can give you what you are looking for and you can pick from the list. After you pick and moms says she she will send you the addys and you post when they ship model post when they get it and they have 10 day to get the photos back to you. Hope that helps
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