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Default Re: What can I use for this???

Those that Sarah listed a picture of are the same ones that I use for Adri, but htey aren't tinited and I get them at walmart. I can't get the ones from the baby section taht are more likemine in her hair cause they don't stretch well for me and I have big hands. I LOVE the clear little plastic ones though. They hold really well, and they can't be seen with a bow on them cause they are thin!!!

I would KILL my husband. I told him, my mom, and my MIL when Adri was born that if anyone ever cut her hair I wold torture them. My MIL kept takling about banks for her when she turned 2 and I just kept telling her no!!!! Adri thinks it is a punishment to get her hair trimmed!! She is very vain about her hair. She wants it to be like Barbie's.
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