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Default Re: Another photo thief!

Originally Posted by laurennicole630 View Post
yea it upset me that you stole my (time, hard work, money) that i invested in that picture

but the part that i was even more concerned about was that, my friend allows me to use her daughter to model for me on my page. She did not agree to model her daughter on your page or other people's pages.

You do have to see a bigger picture here that this is somebody's little girl and perhaps they did not want their daughter on other websites.

I thought the watermark would prevent people from abusing the photo but obviously it didn't.

It's just overly frustrating when someone of us on here are struggling to gain fans and invest so much time and energy into our business only to be taken advantage of by other competitors.

Like I stated in an earlier post, I accept your apology however I hope you have truely learned your lesson and aknowledge that it's stealing.

THANK YOU!!! im truley sorry and i have kids of my own so i no what you are saying and please extend my apology to them. i will never do this again i promise you that. im just so worried that my business is ruined. i no for a fact i could nevre make anything like what you do. I just htought i would try something new and didn't see what the side effects would happen.