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Default Re: Another photo thief!

Originally Posted by tutusbytp View Post
i didn't think that. Truefully i thought if another person was doing it so could i. im more of a follower i guess. i just have been so proud of my self that i have came this far in my businees. that i didn't really see the wrong in it. I DO NOW i have screwed my whole business up to were everyone hats me. im a complete mess now. i had some one make a comment that this is there income. well this is my income and now i have none. thanks to myself

You are still playing the poor me card and trying to justify/explain why you did what you did. I don't care and I am not sure anyone else does either. Honestly, there is nothing you can say or do that will justify what you did. You can only learn from it and move on. BUT - you OWE people a public apology.

You dug this whole. Climb yourself out - with the two hands that dug it. With all of the "explaining" you do, all you do is dig the whole deeper and wider. PUBLICLY and privately apologize to the women you committed these acts against. You need to set the record straight on your page. Some of us risked at lot for showing the world what was right. You need to again email the owners of the photos and apologize. That is it.
There is a grave difference between supporting the war effort and those in uniform. If you do not stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them.

Also, it has been 147+ days since I have seen my DH, so don't expect me to be all rainbows and sunshine when you are being stupid. Oh, let us not forget the glitter.

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