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Default Re: Another photo thief!

Originally Posted by tutusbytp View Post
I understand completly and ive only been a memeber since march or so. i dont get on often. i seen another page do it i guess thought it was ok to do. i now no that its not ok. but you guys are slashing (spelling) my business by saying that my tutu are a mess. I siad i was osrry cuz i truley am i never ment to hurt anyone in any way. i apogized several times. and i again i will keep saying im sorry. and i shouldn't of said i did n't no wht the big deal is . i would be mad if someone took my ideas. which i was in that boat i thought one my firnds took my ideas and i was upset. so i understand completly its wrong. REALLY REALLY WRONG ( sorry im bad at spelling)

Tiffany it is very cut throat here. If one of the members sees that their photos were stolen from them these ladies join up and make sure it is all removed. The ladies bicker and get catty on here all of the time but when it comes to protecting someone's intellectual property we take that seriously.

You can't get after people for "stealing" your ideas. That doesn't work here. No idea is orignal....everyone is inspired to copy in some sort of way. The thing is when you see bow for example that you is best to ask yourself how can I make something similar but make it different and better. You can come up with something new but you can't own it once it hits the market unless you trademark it and that will cost you a pretty penny to do and then you have to prove that it is not being produced by others in the market.