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Default Re: Another photo thief!

Originally Posted by GARandMCR View Post
How about you not do things that will get you talked about???? You are still playing the victim and it really is sickening. Since you are all about the euphemisms, try this one on for size - you reap that which you sow, and and this one, you have to pay the piper. YOU did this! YOU screwed up! YOU should know better that to take things that are not your own.

If there is one lesson that I hope you take away from this is that EVERYTHING you do in life has a consequence - good or bad. Furthermore, there are people in the world who will not, under any circumstances, support such disgusting behavior.

You are exceptionally lucky that you were contacted directly when honestly these women had every single right to contact facebook, the authorities and the IRS to have you totally shut down. You should thank your lucky stars. How is that for being talked about?????
what she said
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