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Default Re: Another photo thief!

Originally Posted by MrsDrMatney View Post

I am so sorry you have to deal with this. I just looked at the site and its amazing how ignorant people are. This drama is so not necessary and I would not be allowing this to go on if it was my facebook page - I wouldn't even make a post and allow conversations like this to continue. And the fans... They honestly believe you are jealous of her work!?!

Its like the Twilight Zone...everything is so wrong on that page.

Good advice about watermarks!
well supposedly she didn't have access to her page because the internet was down.... but i'm surprised initially she let even the first comments remain standing because it wasn't very professional.

my whole thing was i contacted her and accepted her apology and then came on here to make sure none of the rest of you had your pictures up there. I just don't think she understood why i was so upset in the first place.

it's one thing to apologize for your behavior and say you're right i didn't see it that way but i have since then removed everyone's pics

it's another thing when you have to be contacted to remove each pic and then have your family and friends say how we are immature the rest of us are for asking her to remove our pictures.

my favorite comment was the one that said "sharing is caring"

I understand people make mistakes and she was just lazy not to pay the money to get her own professional pictures.... but we all work hard and spend money on product that can not be used again and pay for nice professional pics only for other competitors to turn around and use them

i accepted her apology but then continued to get upset that she didn't see what the problem was.... i have emails from her literally saying she removed them but she didn't get what the big deal was.