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Default Re: Another photo thief!

Originally Posted by ashleycurtice View Post
IMO People that are on neither side of the business aspect, the boutique owners or the photographers, do not understand how much time and effort and money is put into the work on both sides for those pictures, and don't realize that these people are easy-streeting it by stealing their work. Personally I can't believe she has customers. Posting lavishly full and gorgeous tutus and tutu dresses when her work is sloppily thrown together, messy, scrunched, thin, and unattractive. The people defending her are ignorant, to the subject at hand, and run their mouths without any knowledge of why what she was doing was wrong. They are blindly defending her, most likely because they're actually local / friends / family of the boutique owner, or are trying to brown nose the boutique owner.
I agree!
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