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Default Re: Another photo thief!

Originally Posted by mandmscreations View Post
I don't understand it either! I use my own photos! No matter how bad they look! lol I'm learning to do better, but I'm not going to use someone else's photos. For one, I don't want ANY of you on my bad side! lol
LOL i know! that's what i was telling my sister.... it's like i'd love to steal a lot of photos from people who i think do awesome photography but it just gives me things to aspire to

i just can't believe she'd leave my watermark on there and think her customers would be ok wth it.... i'd be worried about my customers wanting to go to the original maker and lose business

now i'm worrying about her making a crappy duplicate and then maybe her customers get confused and think that they bought the tutu from me since my photo was the original one used!