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Default Re: Can You Stiffen A Tutu?

Originally Posted by Bushlander View Post
After finally mastering the art of sewing tutus as opposed to the slip knot method my opinion is that the sewn tutu is a lot poofier and sits a lot better. I've worked out a method of how much tulle is needed for each different length tutu (8", 12", 15") which makes things so much easier because now I just have to cut a set amount of strips per tutu and I'm off! I've decided to reinforce the waistband by sewing two lines of stitching instead of one, just to make sure the tulle doesn't go anywhere.
But my question is, what can I use to spray on the tutu to make the strips sit up and stay poofy? Can this be done?
We finally have the product in stock I was talking about -- search around for "Diamond Hole Net". We sell it, but there may be some place down under that has it too

Some of our clients use this for dance/performance tutus. It is not as soft, so it's not great for babies, etc.. but it really stands up
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