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Default Re: Tulle for TuTu's.....

The chain hobby stores all carry imported (Chinese) tulle fabric. The knit is less tight than domestic tulle and the result is a 'scratchier' feeling. Also check the labels carefully, the manufacturers won't certify it as fire retardant because of a solvent they use in the finishing process that can be extremely flammable.

There are only a couple of domestic mills still producing Tulle. We are aware of 3 major ones and our primary mill has been continuously making tulle for close to a century. The tulle is rigid enough to produce the fullness and 'poofiness' that you expect in a tutu, but is soft to the touch on children's skin.

We also carry a fabric called Diamond Hole Net, which is a 'stiff' version of tulle. It is used for purposes where it's important to hold a shape - such as dance tutus, wedding chair bows, etc. It's very rigid, but not nearly as soft... however, most dancers will also be in a leotard as well, so that doesn't affect them.
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