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Default Re: Share a tip! (a feel good thread!) :)


I've finally had time to read through this whole thread, sooo many great tips

I've got a few, so to make it easier to read, I'll post it in separate posts

When using a Xyron sticker maker, before I peel off the top layer of the xyron tape, I rub my hands all over it. But I also use the round end of a stylus (looks like a ball) and run it firmly, but gently, over the edge of the image. Don't do it too hard, because if you miss, you'll dent your image This will allow the top layer to pick up any extra glue that may have stuck to the edge of the image...just makes it a little cleaner. Then peel off the top, and you're good to go!

Also, someone had mentioned putting the resin drops on the image BEFORE putting them on the bottle cap. I tried both ways...image on cap first, then drop on top. And also, resin drop on image first, then on bottlecap. By far, the better way is to put the drop on your image first, while it's still stuck on the wax paper from the Xyron. That way, if I'm stlightly off when putting on the drop, I can trim off the teeny edge of the image, so that it doesn't stick out.
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