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Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
That is fine and her work is great.....we are discussing the original pics she used when she first posted. We are also having a problem with her huge ego on here. If she changed that then she could actually be very welcomed here. There are some awesome graphic designers on here that could help her get up there but the way she came on here will not help her at all.
I have read it all as it has unfolded post by post, that is what I do here, read, read, read, it is hard to type and work, but I can click and read while I am working. I know VERY well how awesome you ladies on here are!!!!!

This forum is like boot camp, or at least it was for me, I started out and I honestly thought I was all that and was so confident, then I found this forum, my confidence took a HUGE nose dive and I realized I really knew nothing. But I knew I wanted to craft, I knew I loved it, so I picked myself up and decided to learn! I learn every day, and I improve everyday. I am not to the level I want to be at yet, but I get closer everyday, and I am very proud of all the progess I have made, thanks to all the wonderful advice shared here.

And ronnie, I have already told you, but you are one of my favorite to see post, I know I will get a straight answer, with no nonsense, in a very clearly stated matter.
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