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Default Re: A word about bottle caps

All that I know is that I "attempted" to do bottlecaps a few weeks ago... one day of trying and I am done! I'm not a quitter with crafting... typically I just keep trying and trying until I get it right BUT bottlecaps are the devil, in my opinion! Those that make them and make them well must have have some crazy patience! So, If anyone needs or wants 100 pre painted bottlecaps (minus a few), the same amount of dome stickers, and 10 sheets of images (minus a few) let me know and I'll sell them to ya for a little less than what I paid for them!(because I have used a little bit of each item) Please, someone! Take them off my hands! I get pissy just looking at them in my craft room! lol I love bottlecaps but I think I'll just buy them already made!
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