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Default A word about bottle caps

Capping is not a FAST craft and I have been capping for about 3 yrs, trust me when I say I have ruined HUNDREDS of caps and images. Recently I have had many of the same questions in my private messages and emails. First let me say this, with no malice or disrespect meant at all, you need to learn a process that WORKS FOR is not an overnight success in all cases so with that said, here are things that I HAVE LEARNED (not all my secrets, for that you can purchase my upcoming tutorial hint hint)

DISCLAIMER ~ You dont have to agree with my suggestions or even try them, some have other ways, I am just posting b.c I have had so many with the same questions lately

1 ~ if you want the finished, hardened glass looking caps, dome stickers will not give you this affect, you need to use RESIN of some kind, there are many and they work differently depending on your climate, hvac system, what your images are printed on and how you hold your mouth when you use them (my DH says that I need to write a tutorial on the proper tongue and mouth position and contortions for my various bow and jewelry techniques......haha funny little man)

2 ~ how you get the image to stick and how you seal it is again, trial and error, some use glaze, some use modge podge, what works best for me and is a GOD SEND to my capping, is the xyron sticker machine that you can pic up for less than $10 at WalMart, Michaels etc, you get the picture......AND INVEST IN THE PERMANENT ADHESIVE dont need the BIG one, just get the one that is shaped like an X (mine is purple b.c purple rocks but it comes in other colors too)

3 ~ when using the sticker domes, the xyron made sticker is NOT NOT NOT the culprit to the image coming off your cap, the fact that the stickered image and the dome are EXACTLY the same size is the issue.......the dome, even tho it is also a permanent adhesive, does not overlap and stick to the cap, so, since it has no cap to adhere to, the sticker pulls off in an apparent boycott of your cap when in reality, it is BECAUSE the dome has no cap to stick to so its mass peels off the smaller massed picture sticker, simply a matter of dense matter overcoming less dense matter. TO COMBAT THIS.....cut your sticker smaller than the dome so that the dome overlaps the sticker and sticks to the surface of the cap.........voila, magic

4 ~ The dome stickers will NEVER GET GLASS HARD LIKE THE RESIN DOES, they are not made to get you have to figure is it worth the EASE of the sticker to use it (but to get them to stick assuredly, you really need to hand cut the circle image so is it time saving???)

5 ~ Will I give out my suppliers and my techniques for painting caps ~ No.....I have worked for three years to perfect it and when I write my tutorial on them, some of them will be revealed again, not to sound mean or harsh, there are some things that experience has taught me, none of it is secret, just things I dont want to share outright.....

6 ~ My finished caps are the price they are because I work hard both today and for many years and feel mine are high quality......

Thanks for reading, I hope you learned or got a clearer view of some things, again, it is a process, it takes time, it is NOT a fast track craft......any other cappers who have anything to add, feel free

You may now return to your regularly scheduled chatting
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