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Default Re: My website is up!!!!

Originally Posted by SunflowerGirl View Post
I too have entertained the idea of a "photographer" style website, but for boutiques I don't think it works so well. The site is beautiful, photos are stunning but I have to also say...

* it slows down the shopping experience.
*The sideways tabs are not ideal. along with the thin small font (maybe that's just my blindness lol).
* I'm used to clicking on the pictures or description to get to the "details and cart adding page"
*When I click the home tab I get the flash slide show again, that was a little bothersome.
*Your products look great!

I'm not saying I'm an expert or anything close...just one lady's friendly opinion.
Thank you for your input!
What do you think slows down the experience?
The template does not allow me to change the way the tabs are
If you click on the magnifying glass right next to the name that gets you a larger pic and the description as well as an option to add to cart.
Yes the home tab is set up to only show the side show but you can click on the shop tab and the drop down menu will come up and you can click on that anytime.
I wanted something different then the typical boutique website ~ hope I made the right choice
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