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Default What do you think she wants?

I have a regular customer who likes very plain bows. She has a bunch of my pinwheels and some with 2 loops but no tails showing (her daughter thinks she is angelina ballerina in those). Her mother asked me to make some new bows but isn't clear on what she wants. She has seen all my pics on my FB and I've even showed her more. This is what she is asking for:

-white and maybe pink or pale pink

-"just a straight kinda layered piggy tail pairs"

-"the ones I was hoping for are just a staight line with a little loop on top"

-"2 big simple ones and a pair of white too"

She doesn't want stacked, pinwheel, or tails down. I showed her tuxedo and she didn't respond, but I think that might be what she wants. What do you think?
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