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Default Re: E6000 not holding on braided flipflops

Originally Posted by massmom View Post
Just a thought but maybe the braids create an uneven bond as oppose to straight ribbon where it can grip the entire surface of the ribbon. What if you line the top of the strap first and then add the braid. I now it is more work but you might get better adhesion.

I have been making flip flops for 3 years and don't have any problems. I only line the strap and then use alligator clips to hold it into place for 24 hours.

Another thing that could be a factor is the humidity level when you make your flip flops. I remember someone posted last year that she had trouble when the humidity was high.

Good luck!

Donna N.
I do the braids all the time and they hold. I'm wondering if its the flip flops you're using?? I use the ON ones and I don't do anything to them other than add glue then the braid or ribbon. Someone else on here was having trouble with the baby ON flip flops holding. IT could bethe way the strap is made? Maybe they're too smooth or something. I really don't know. As I said, I have some from last year that I'm still wearing and they are fine.
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