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Default Re: E6000 not holding on braided flipflops

Originally Posted by 4-custom-dressed-kids View Post
Ok, seriously here, I really need to know how to make flip flops stay together. I see post after post of people singing the praises of e6000, and I was one of them, but it flat doesn't hold as long as I would like. What could I possibly be doing wrong? On some it holds for awhile, a couple of weeks max, then it works loose at the point and that is all she wrote, because once that point is loose the whole strap is loose within a day. AND if the shoes get wet then the story is even shorter, I don't know if it is because it is too cold, or the water, or what, but they will come loose that day.

AND (yes, lots of ands today) on the shoes that I have had for a couple of months and haven't sold yet, the ribbon is getting puckered-ish and loose around the sole.

Opinions? Thoughts? Too much glue? Not enough? I really hate, wait let me say that again HATE flip flops at this point, I want to make them so you can wear them everyday, and have them last at least through the season, but so far the best I have gotten out of a pair that is actually worn is 3 weeks!

I CAN sandwich the plastic with felt at the point and keep a bow on for an indefinate amount of time, but I want to be able to add ribbon to the straps and around the bottom also, but maybe I am wanting more than what is possible.
I hate E6K. the only thing I use it for is jewelry.......I use my HOT HOT HOT hot glue gun
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