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Default Re: How to make your own Bottlecap Images!

Originally Posted by asirual View Post
Yes, she shows you how to take and image from Google, Yahoo!, etc. and make them into 1" circles or BC images.

She even shows you how to put letters on them. Kinda like the ones in my previous post.

Once you get her template, search the forums for GIMP related things. One lady on here has a thing up that shows how to do the line around your image, like the purple and green skulls in my last post.

If there is anything in specific that you need help with, PM me and I will see if I can help!

Well, ill be using photo shop...I saw some you tube videos but you cant hear what they are saying!! It drives me crazy because I want to learn this and a friend made her own template and she gave it to me so I have that but i just hate computers lol.
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