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Default Re: My website is up!!!!

Originally Posted by SimplyFancy View Post
Well, the shop and information tabs are sideways, I just coudlnt figure it out. And when I click one category, say bows I had to search for a way to get a close up picture. Once I looked at the picture, I usually click back button on my mouse and it takes me to main page instead of going back to bows. Yes, I finally figured out what was going on. And this is nothing major, but just confusing.
Other than that you really have great products and great pictures. Maybe someone can explain better than me. Sorry.
That is the only way to do those tabs. Also if you click on the magnifying glass icon next to each each pictures name that will bring up the picture larger. And you can alway just hit the shop button again and it will bring down the full menu! Hope that helps!
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