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Default Re: ? about print your own ribbon

Originally Posted by *Tu-Tu* Cute Hair Bows View Post
you print it on transfer paper and iron it on, i just did some actually lol. i think it is a pain in the butt, but i love the options and still do it as long as i am just doing a few yards at a time it doesn't bother me but when i get into 10-25 yards at a time shoor me know lol. i like the transfer paper at hobby lobby more than the transfer paper at walmart

Awesome! I think this option is more my style. I totally agree about HL transfer paper. I made some Yo Gabba Gabba shirts for my boys with the HL paper & then I used walmarts transfer paper for some Blues Clues shirts. The YGG shirts lasted several washes where the Blues Clues shirts were only wearable the one time. Its such a better quality IMO. I think I will give it a try!
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