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Default Re: Tip for making antennas....

they do sell the colored ones at the site that slwleigh posted, but i only wanted to order a couple bundles and the shipping was over $7 so i decided to try to get them locally instead. i can't wait to get my hands on them!

Originally Posted by avajo123 View Post
A poster mentioned that you cold order them in colors. Locally , though , I have only ever been able to find them in white. Some are bigger than others. You need to get the smallest ones. As I mentioned , I painted mine. You can paint them with just about anything.....I have even used nail polish. The easiest way ( for me at least ) was to color them with a sharpie , AFTER they were attached to my bug. This way , I could get to all sides and they were on something that could hold them up while they dried.
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