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Default Re: Need some "buggy" ideas...

Originally Posted by isabellasmommy2010 View Post
maybe some decorated butterfly net catchers and caterpillar pet storage boxes(not sure what they are really called but I've seen them at target in the dollar bins) in my area all the kids are carrying them around with pet caterpillars and bugs inside
Oooh like the bug box idea. I will have to take a trip to target today. Thanks!!!

Originally Posted by dbxclusive View Post
I like the butterfly catcher idea. Also, how about something for lightening bugs. My kids love catching lightening bugs.
That is an awesome idea! I used to catch lightning bugs every night when I was little. Unfortunately Colorado is not the kind of state that has them. I still get excited to see them when we go back east.

Originally Posted by ammperry2 View Post
how about some glow worms, love bugs, and decorated cakes withe the buggy theme.
Lol... I love how you think i can cook. I think i can handle lovebug sculptures though.

Originally Posted by EmileeDesigns View Post
Here is a caterpiller I made. They are super easy and fun!!
Genius!!! I have been trying to make the circles out of ribbon. Argh!

Thanks for all of your help girls... I knew the hg world was more creative than me.
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