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Default Re: Shipping from Canada..please help!

Originally Posted by cocoreille View Post
but they are not funded by the government like USPS correct? They also are not operating under the huge deficit that the USPS is as well. So I am told anyways.
Correct -- Canada Post is self-funded and a *gasp* profitable organization! However, when you have a government mandated monopoly on lettermail services, you can charge anything that you like.. it should not be hard to turn a profit.

In the US, they treat the USPS differently -- the government sees it as a fundamental right for the people, and critical to the success of business -- I like this approach, as I'm sure by stimulating trade the tax revenue would far outweigh the deficit caused by lower rates.

However, I'm not an economist, and I'm not in the government, so my opinion doesn't mean a heck of a lot
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