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Default Re: Gave up the camera for a shoot :)

Originally Posted by ashleycurtice View Post
Lol that made my day! I am a mommy of 3... Dante just turned 5, Jayse is 3, and Kaiya is 9 months old. First was natural, and the second two were c-section. I am only 23, for 5 years, I did competitive power lifting in school, partly in Jr. High and then up to my senior year. Top that off with playing volleyball, basketball, softball, running track, and being a cheerleader / dancer, my body has been kind to me through getting a big belly 3 times. All my extra falls right at my love handles and hips/thighs, but you can't see that in the picture haha I have one picture that i was going to post, but its the corset and a lacey pair of boyshorts... its not exposing so i thought it would be ok, but wasn't sure if people would think that was tasteful, so i didn't attach it. The c-section i think helped a little. And I breastfeed so that actually burns calories and helps you lose weight the first few months when you're body is going back to normal. I look nothing like i used to, but i am happy with where i am. I had a pretty big tummy, i attached pics from when I was pregnant with Kaiya at 7 months...

Wow, wish I could be more health conscience like that! You look great, btw ! I agree with the PP's you don't look like a mom of three.
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