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Default Cameras

Ok so I have been shopping around for a cannon for a while now.
I have a friend who has a cannon eos 10d and this is a pretty old camera but I love it. However, they dont sale these anymore unless you want to take the chance of getting a used one on ebay with no refunds accepted. This scares me but I know why they do it.

However, they have the cannon rebels and there are so many different ones. Target had one on sale for $540 and my sister had this same camera and said it was awesome but she never even has learned how to use it. lol Im sure they are just as good as the old one because all the mp and such are way better on the newer camera but Im so not conviced because I love my friends camera.

What would yall do? Inputs ont he ones you have? Anyone have a used one with a lens for aroun $600 or less? lol Just thought I would ask
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