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Default Re: Rolled Rosette Flowers- No Fraying

If you use pinking shears (sp?) it is supposed to cut down on the fraying as well. When I do my rolled rosettes I iron and use a fusible bonding to the fabric. If you use 2" wide piece of material then cut 4" wide insteady. Lay the piece of fabric length wise and fold the edge up where the edge just overlaps the center of your fabric piece, iron all the way down the length to make a crease. I then precut the fusible bonding into little 1/4" wide pieces and 1 yard in length (the length depends on how long of fabric you use to do the rosettes). Flip your fabric piece where the ironed edge is at the top now, and iron on the fusible bonding piece to the other edge of your fabric piece (be sure to use no steam), tear off paper from fusible bonding and fold fabric to overlap the center edge of the other end (the part that is in the center of your fabric piece) and iron down along the entire length of your fabric. The fusible bonding keeps the material from fraying, but also keeps your material together which seems to help me make the rosette more perfect too. Hope that these directions make sense. If youi have a question please feel free to PM me and I will try to explain better. LOL.

The fusible bonding can be bought at HL or any fabric store and can be bought by the yard just like fabric. I want to say it is like $1.50 a yard at HL.
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