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Default Re: Bottlecap pony-o's???

I make the pony tail streamers with bottle cap centers and this is how I do mine. First, if you have the bottle caps with the plastic liners you will want to take that off. I then add a dab of glue to the center of the bottlecap (E6000) and lay a piece of 3/8" ribbon down on the glue, flatten with fingers and let dry about 20 minutes. Then I add a wooden furniture plug (you can find at Hobby Lobby in the wood section) with the E600 to the center of the ribbon/bottlecap and let dry. Then get your pony O and center the bottle cap where you want it, use E6000 to glue the furniture plug part to the actual pony O and wrap the ribbon around the pony O which secures it to the pony o and also hides the furniture plug, glue, etc. HTH and makes sense.
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