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Default Re: Okay im getting ready to do this... ? Urgent... before I ruin it.

When I am doing a single layer sequin cheer bow this is what I do:
-measure out a piece of heat and bond the length and width for all of the bows I need to make together (ie: 16" high x 29" long)
-iron the sheet of hnb to the sequin fabric
-using a rotary cutter cut the fabric into strips that are the same size as your ribbon lengths
-lay the sequin fabric down with hnb side up, lay the ribbon over it and start ironing. Repeat this in assembly line process for each length of ribbon
-mark the ribbon where you are going to make your folds.
-I do my vcuts on the ends now with my wood burner. It is easier for me to do so prior to folding ribbon.
-fold your bows & attach to pony's etc.
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