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Default Re: Newbie cheer bow help.....

Originally Posted by freckles-n-frills View Post
I am new to this forum and i'm getting ready to attempt making sequin cheer bows for my daughters cheer squad. There are so many different posts on how to adhere the fabric to the grosgrain and so on, that I'm afraid I will do it wrong. I wish someone would make a video tutorial on youtube. That would be so... Helpful.
I have purchased a rotary cutter, self healing mat, wood burning tool, sequin dot fabric, grosgrain ribbon, e6000 glue and ponytail holders.
I am making 8 bows... Can i just use a 1 piece of fabric the width/length of all 8 bows and iron on the hnb, then lay the pieces of ribbon side by side on the fabric that has the hnb on it then cut in between the ribbon with the rotery cutter. Should I leave a 1/2 in. gap (where i don't adhere hnb) directly in the center of the fabric/ribbon to help with creasing the ribbon in the middle?
Thank you in advance for your help.
Also... Some suggest cutting the fabric smaller than the grograin ribbon, I'm not sure which is the best method or why? Fabric to the edge seems easier but i don't want easier if the bows won't look as nice.
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