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Default Re: Korkers on flip flops?

Originally Posted by PrincessBel View Post
I know this is kind of an old thread...... but I really don't want to start a new thread since my question is along the same topic that everyone has been discussing here.

So.... I am sitting her frantically searching for tips about DRR ribbon peeling off flip flops.............. because it is now summer and I made some for DD and they are peeling off~!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used hot glue. The front point especially.... it is coming off. Used more glue, and it still came off.

Has anyone found a solution for gluing DRR on flip flops yet? I am going to go buy some E6000. Does anyone know if I can use the E6000 on top of the hot glue? Or are the ribbons on these pairs wasted now?

Edit: These are not Old Navy shoes... they are from JoAnns and Michaels....
HOt glue will not stick to the flip flops. I only use E6000. So far no problem with mine coming off. I have used ON and HL flip flops. HTH
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