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Default Re: Itty Bitty Tuxedo Bows Am I Overlooking Instructions

i use a totally different technique . . . and it works especially well for one sided printed ribbon.

i'll take a pic of my end result . . . but let me try to explain.

with the tiny ribbon - on the backside mark at 1" intervals on a 4" piece of ribbon. if you don't want tails, make that measurement 1/2" and then trim off at the end.


on backside, take a tiny stitch at the mark in the middle of the ribbon and pull. make a couple of stitches thru all the looops and then flatten it out so that it looks like a bow . . . wrap the thread around the middle a couple of times and then sew on your pearl . . .

if i want to make more loops for double bow, using 5/8 ribbon, i mark the backside of a 9" piece of ribbon at

1" 3" 4.5" 6" 8"

i know, a pic is worth 1,000 words & will post one
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