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Default Re: What type of paper do I use to print images for ...

Originally Posted by Tabitha3 View Post
bottle caps?? I had some old bottle caps that I bought off of ebay a while ago w/Strawberry Shortcake on them and when I went to glaze one of them, the image started to run.

I'm really starting to like this bottle cap thing and would like to make my own images. If anyone is willing to share with me, I would be very appreciative. I am not looking to sell images anywhere, I just want to learn for myself.

I'm seeing lots of cool ones on Etsy like the Barbie profile and Cat in the Hat and SSC, Princesses, etc.

Thanks for any help

I use this great photo sticker paper that I got off of because it goes on even and looks a lot better. You can download photoscape and combine and image or even two 4 x 6 images sheets so you aren't wasting paper. When you punch out an image though, you have to punch a plain piece of paper after or the glue get all gummed up in the hole punch.

Here's a link to the paper I got:

Then, I just print them at home with my printer. They work really well, you just have to let them dry for a few minutes on the darker images or you will get smudges.

Also, a lot of times you can find sites that have stock images that can be used for free. I know I saw a post somewhere on the forum about it. Just search for bottlecap images and it should come up.
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