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Default Re: Boy, you all weren't kidding......

Originally Posted by SugarPlumCreations View Post
I have been making bows for a couple months now and have tried and tried to make just the simple "basic boutique" bow with no success. I have read tons of threads here on it, and lots of tutorials and still no success.

One thing I have read in almost every thread is to keep trying and not give up..... that eventually it will "click". So I would try, get frustrated, put it aside for a week or two then try again.

I picked it back up yesterday, looked at a tut that was posted, tried it and CLICK!! There it was! All the sudden it made sense...... and the bow came out looking presentable! So I made more... and the more I made, the better they looked. It all seriously just CLICKED!

I am so dang excited! :lol I Have been making bows like crazy today. I feel like I have really jumped a hurdle and could maybe be as good someday as a lot of the members here who post amazing bows.

Moral of the story - don't give up!!! Keep on trying and someday IT WILL CLICK!

So glad you did not give up. 50% is the tut and the other 50% has to come from you. If you don't continue to practice then you will not get it. I bet you feel great that you were able to master that skill! Congrats!!! =
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